About AdhyatmaVidya.com

Adhyatma Vidya was created as an attempt to collect the free spiritual content from the internet and put it into one place. This project is a genuine effort to help aspirants find all the content they need at one place. For ease of navigation, the content of this website is organised in two main sections.

1. Scriptures

2. Spiritual Masters.

The content will be added under these sections slowly but steadily. We have been careful in not adding any copy righted contents of other authors without their consent on this website unless available freely on internet. If you wish to publish any content on this website, send it to us using the Contact us form.

Moreover adhyatmavidya.com is not just the website with spiritual content but also a social platform for aspirants who are in search of the true knowledge. Aspirants can search other aspirants and can add them as their friends. Aspirants can post image, video or text into their Activity. This allows them to share their Knowledge and Wisdom.

Adhyatma Vidya does not discriminate based on religion, culture, race, age, sex or color. You do not have to register to accss the content of this website. You will need to register only if you want to comment, or see the activity feeds of other registered users.

It gives us immense pleasure to server you through this website. We wish you good luck for your spiritual journey. We hope you will find all the resources you need to pursue self realization. :)

As there are very few administrators maintaining this website, the contents of this website will be updated slowly. I request you all to be patient. If you would like to add any content to the website, or have any question or suggestions about the website then please send me the details of the content using this form.