What does Keeping the mind balanced really means? It means that keeping your mind calm and quite in every situation. Controlling the thoughts and emotions in every moment you live. Meaning you should not get over joyed nor you should be too worried. Instead try to analyze the situation you are in. Such situations are a great opportunity to learn more about your mind and to understand its working. Religious books, Spiritual masters all speak about keeping the mind quite and steady in an equilibrium state. But how exactly do we achieve that? How to control the thoughts which run like wild horses? Lets understand the mind first.


An Artists representation of a Balanced Mind

Nature (Prakriti) is made up of five basic elements (Pancha Maha Bhootas) – earth, air, water, fire and ether / space. These basic five elements combine with each other in different ways to create nature. The human body is also a part of nature like trees, animals, etc. Naturally everything that is a part of this body is also made out of nature. so it is valid to say that our mind and intellect is also made out of nature. When i say made out of  nature it means it has the same rules and properties that nature has. Our body is gross or dense combination of the five elements and that is why we are able to see it. Mind is very subtle combination of these basic elements so we cannot see it. For example – we can see and feel earth, water and fire in the same way we are able to see our body. We can feel air but cannot see it. Mind is like the air, we cannot see it but we know it is.  Ether / Space is something we do not see it or feel it. Everything  in this nature falls between pair of opposites. Nature does great job to keep everything in equilibrium state between these pair of opposites. Pair of opposites are hot – cold, hard – soft, day-night, etc. For example – we like when it is not too hot or not too cold. Same way we cannot see in a high intensity light or low intensity light. Things are pleasant and favorable when they are balanced. If you believe nature is a chemical composition of different elements even then it is true that this chemical elements are combined with each other in a balanced form. Everything naturally is stable unless it is acted upon by stronger external force.

Ying Yang

Ying Yang – Pair of Opposites

If you agree to this, then you will have to agree on the fact that this also applies to your mind and emotions. Meaning our mind is also effected by pair of opposites. The thoughts that come out of our mind are both good and bad. Same goes with our emotions as well. We sometime feel angry and sometimes we feel very happy. So now lets see how we can control our thoughts and emotions.

Tell me, How do you extinguish fire? by pouring water over it. If it is too hot in your car what do you do? you turn on the car air conditioner. What do you do when there is no light in your room? You either open window or if it is night then light a candle. When there is excess of one entity, you balance it with the exact opposite entity of that excess entity. You treated fire with water, heat with cold and darkness with light. So now tell me what will you do when you get bad thoughts? You should recall your good memories. This will balance out the bad thoughts and you will start feeling better. What will  you do when you feel angry? you will do something that makes you happy. If there are too many thoughts going on in your mind, try to concentrate on just one thought (which is called meditation).  A calm and unbiased mind will always help you make better decisions.

I hope this helps. Thank you for your patience and reading till the end. Namaste!