This section is the collection of Mantra, Hymns Prayers mostly form the Indian scriptures.


Mantra (Sanskrit मंत्र) means a holy, religious or spiritual utterance of a syllable, word, or group of words. Mantra is expected to be repeated for a particular number of times with full devotion and concentration. It is used for meditation. It is also believed that Mantra have spiritual power and they affects your mind and body if chanted in an authentic way.

Stotra or Stotram (Sanskrit स्तोत्र) means a hymn addressed to Divinity. A Stotra is normally dedicated to a particular deity. They can be considered as a prayer or a description. A Stotra is supposed to be uttered in full devotion. It helps in purifying the mind and builds trust in the deity




Here you will find list of Mantra, Hymns and Prayers and there meaning in English. If you want us to post a translation about any specific Mantra or Hymn or Prayer, please send it to us through the contact form

List of Mantra, Hymns and Prayers