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Arjuna’s Despondency (Lamenting the Consequence of War)

Lord Sri Krishna, as agreed to be a charioteer of Arjuna in the war, arrived in a striking chariot yoked with white horses. All the powerful and brave warriors from both eh sides were on the battlefield. The battlefiled was coverd with huge army on both the sides along with tents, machines, weapons horses, elephants and chariots and wagons.

The war was began with a loud sound made by blowing hundreds of counches. Arjuna also blew his conch named “Devadatta”. Bhima blew his counce named “Paundra”. Following them all other great warriors blew their own conches.

bhagavad gita chapter 1

Lord Sri Krishna and Arjuna in between the two armies. ~http://bhagavad-gita.us

Arjuna asked Lord Sri Krishna to place his chariot between both the armies to check out the opponent army. Saying thus Lord Sri Krishna placed the chariot inbetween the two army. As Arjuna was watching the opponent army he was shocked to see his own relatives, teachers, friends and other dear once ready to fight against him.

Arjuna got confused, despondent and nervous. He felt not to participate in the war as he did not liked the idea to fight with his own relatives, teachers and friends. He felt fighting with them was not worth just for kingdom. As these thoughts came into his mind, He lost all enthusiasm to participate in this war. His bow slipped from his hand. He had no choice but to seek help from Lord Krishna. He explained Lord Krishna his mental state and asked him for guidance and enlightenment.

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